SEGA Mega Drive Collection

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  • Released: 02/02/2007
  • RRP: £19.99
  • Platform: PSP

The Sega Megadrive is a console that I didnt own back in the day as I owned an Atari VCS and then moved on to the ZX Spectrum and then an Atari ST, but I certainly played a few on the games in this compilation, which has a total approaching 30, either on a friends console or in the arcade back in the day. When it comes to the Sega Megadrive Collection, you wont play all of them to completion, but theres more than enough to make it worth a purchase. Its amazing how little space each game takes when you realise they used to take up a whole motherboard in an arcade cabinet, for those that started life that way, but when it comes down to it, the dont take up much memory individually at all. One thing youll spot is that the 16:9 screen of the PSP is wider than that of the games when they came out originally, so youll be pleased to know that there are options to adjust the picture to "original" (small, and slightly windowboxed), "fit" (4:3) or "stretch" (16:9). I used the latter as its fine for a video game. So now what needs to be done is to run through all the games in this collection, starting with the Daddy of them all. Sonic The Hedgehog: This is the classic game of collecting the rings, clearing three zones and then fighting Dr Robotnik. Rinse and repeat. Brilliant stuff and the sequel is here too. Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle: A mediocre side-scrolling run-and-jump affair thats fun for a while, but it not a Mario-beater. Bonanza Bros: This ones about as close to a `Larry the Looter style game youd find Bart playing in the Simpsons, as you run around various buildings in a side-scrolling manner, to steal the treasures before exiting via the roof, and that link to the animated show made this one to stick with for longer than normal. Ecco the Dolphin, and its two sequels Ecco: The Tides of Time and Ecco Jr, made a big splash on the Sega Dreamcast back in the day in 3D when it was really an exercise in pretty graphics in need of a game, since here - in the 2D Megadrive version - you just swim around, jumping about and beeping your sonar at other mammals, avoiding the jellyfish and listening to some bizarre background music the like of which sounds more like incidental music from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Its not very captivating so, Sega, so long and thanks for all the Ecco the Dolphin games. Golden Axe 1-3 are the classic hack-n-slash trilogy of games as you walk through sideways-scrolling levels cutting, slashing or kneeing the baddies in the groin. At times it has a similar style to the brilliant Double Dragon series. It has a 3D isometric point-of-view, rather like the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom arcade game, so you can move around to kill baddies and free tied-up prisoners. The levels on wheels are also great fun as you can kick a baddie off the truck and under the wheels. Say bye-byeeee! :) Vector Man is a great side-scrolling walk-n-shoot game, and very addictive with it. As you collect stars, youll see its similar, but not a patch on Sonic. Its also very annoying that you cant skip past the menu animations. Virtua Fighter 2 is a 2D affair that plays incredibly slowly. Maybe the Megadrive version was always like this, but the arcade 3D version was far better and the version on this compilation here should be avoided. Some PSP games have Wi-Fi access to go online and play against other people, provided you can find someone who also has that game and is online at the same time. You can also unlock extras such as interviews and trailers for other games as you progress through the levels in each respective entry on this compilation. Overall, its all good fun, and theres probably nothing here that you cant get with a PC and an downloaded emulator, but its worth it at this price even just to have the Sonic games on a handheld console so you can play it while youre out and about, not to mention some of the hidden treasures that youll enjoy as you discover titles you really enjoyed in the past like Comix Zone and Bonanza Bros, making this an essential purchase. More on the titles in this release at: dvdfever. co. uk/ reviews/ segapsp. shtml

Also available on: PS2 (£4.99), PS3 (£11.59) and Xbox 360 (N/A)

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